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"We believe that accounting services go beyond the mere posting of numbers." Our Mission

Our Mission

“Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc. provides accessible accounting and CFO services to the nonprofit sector with one goal in mind—empowering mission-driven organizations to grow and succeed.”

Nonprofit accounting is complex and has many specialized requirements, but Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., can be your foundation for making informed financial management decisions.  We maintain your financial information in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), as well as the needs of auditors, grantors, and the board of directors. These varied requirements present challenges that only experience can overcome, and our experience has earned us a reputation of excellence and dependability in the nonprofit accounting industry.

About Us

Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., has more than 30 years of accounting experience and a specialized team that can meet the unique needs of your nonprofit organization.

We provide accounting and bookkeeping services, financial reporting, operational and program budgeting, Form 990 preparation, assessment and development of policies and procedures (including internal controls), CFO services, audit preparation, board and staff training, and other consulting services. 

Our team, including a Certified Fraud Examiner, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and a CPA, stays current, informed, and educated on the latest bookkeeping, software, nonprofit, and financial issues that may affect nonprofit organizations by routinely participating in continuing professional education and professional organizations.

Our Team

Janet Fohrman, CFE

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Fohrman

Chief Operations Officer

Gregory Gebhardt

Accounting Director

Kitty Ryan


Patricia Kaloper


Christine Grobler

Administrative Assistant

Renee Sorensen


Linda Ready

Accountant & Director of Marketing

Lori Nicoson, CPA

Client Consultant

Katie AuBuchon

Client Consultant

Bonnie Guthrie


Our Services


  • Assessments

    A complete accounting and accountability assessment is prepared, with a full review of your current policies and procedures, accounting software utilization, financial reporting, audit recommendations, and staff duties. After assessments are completed and suggestions are presented, we are here to support you in the implementation of new policies and procedures, to ensure full transparency and accountability as a nonprofit organization.
  • Policies & Procedures

    From the creation of and up through a review of current policies and procedures to ensure that they are being adhered to, are complete and current for where your organization is today.
    Policies and Procedures
  • Accounting Cleanup

    Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., will prepare and/or supervise the cleanup, restructuring, and revamping of your financial records, including your chart of accounts. Our experience shows that, even though an organization may understand that changes need to be made, staff may not know what to change, or how to implement those changes. Our knowledge and expertise can help you "clean up" your financial records and give you a new foundation upon which to grow.
    Accounting Cleanup
  • Accounting Setup

    The best step to take in starting a nonprofit is to lay a firm solid nonprofit set of books on which to build on. As a nonprofit grows, so does the complexity of the accounting requirements. Our experience and nonprofit knowledge will set up the books for your current and future needs as your nonprofit grows .
    Accounting Setup
  • Accounting Project Implementation

    Accounting projects need to be organized and managed to ensure that they get done in a timely manner and get done correctly. Implementation is an important step that typically gets put to the side due to lack of time by staff and executives due to busy program and fund development work. Most times, the best solution is to outsource the implementation phase to ensure that it is a priority that gets met
    Accounting Project Implementation
  • Audit Preparation & Resolution

    Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., serves as your nonprofit professional that oversees, or prepares, your financial reports and supporting documentation for an audit, whether it is an internal audit or one required by a grantor or government. In addition, we work with you on resolving any audit findings, and we work with the auditors to ensure complete resolution of any discrepancies.
    Audit Preparation and Resolution

  Tax Return Preparation

  CFO Services

  • Outsourced CFO Services

    Outsourcing for your CFO to an accounting firm that has the expertise in nonprofit accounting is the  perfect solution for nonprofits that are not large enough to have an in-house CFO. Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc. can serve as your CFO and give the oversight of your NPO to ensure financial soundness, compliance and accurate reporting. We work as a team with the Executive Director, Board Members and Staff to create and analyze the financial information that is needed to reflect the positive results that your organization works towards.
    Outsourced CFO Services
  • Periodic Financial Reporting & Reviews

    Produce reports and review your books to ensure proper nonprofit oversight on a monthly, quarterly, fiscal year end basis
    Periodic Financial Reporting and Reviews
  • Operational & Program Budgeting

    Creation of budgets that envelope program and grants into your operational budget.
    Operational and Program Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Forecasting

    Assess, oversee and consult on cash flow. Provide cash flow and budget forecasting.
    Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting
  • Grant Management

    Grant Management

  Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Full Service Turnkey

    Full charge bookkeeping includes:  entering all transactions and journal entries, processing payments, collecting accounts receivable, creating financial reports, reconciling bank accounts, entering payroll, and allocating expenditures to grants, plus experienced nonprofit oversight and recommendations.
    Full Service Turnkey
  • Partial Service

    Entering journal entries, reconciling bank accounts, entering payroll, allocating expenditures to grants, experienced nonprofit oversight and recommendations.
    Partial Service
  • As Needed

    Special projects, customized reporting, grant reporting
    As Needed
  • Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll Preparation & Posting

    Payroll Preparation and Posting

 Seminars & Training

  • QuickBooks

    Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Set Up
  • Audit Preparation

    Cost effective audit preparation for various audits such as organizational, government, contract, and grant.
    Audit Preparation
  • Financial Reporting

    How to organize your books in order to get the greatest utilization to satisfy management, board members, treasurer, audits, government, and donors.
    Financial Reporting
  • Nonprofit Accounting

    Most bookkeepers and executive directors do not have the experience in nonprofit accounting which is more complex than for profit accounting. We offer our expertise in nonprofit accounting fundamentals.
    Nonprofit Accounting
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection

    Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Board Training

    While most all board members are professionals in their given fields, their strengths may not lie in the financial aspect of a nonprofit. Helping board members to understand their fiduciary (legal) responsibilities includes that of financial oversight. Being able to understand the financials, financial indicators, cash flow, etc. is important to the survival of a nonprofit. We offer yearly trainings in this area that leaves board members feeling confident in their interpretation of the financials which assist them in executing their fiduciary responsibilities to the organization.
    Board Training on Financial Statements and Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Nonprofit Sustainability & Financial Planning

    Planning for long-term sustainability needs to be addressed early. While the goals and projections may change over time, having a workable plan cannot be over-emphasized.
    Nonprofit Sustainability and Financial Planning
  • Grant Reporting and Allocations

    Grant Reporting and Allocations
  • Nonprofit Compliance

    Compliance with government contracts, grants, federal and state requirements, and exempt purposes
    Nonprofit Compliance
  • Budgets

    How to create a budget that includes programs, departments, grants, contracts, and staffing that all roll into an organizational budget. The importance and utilization of budgets is key to the successful operation of a nonprofit organization.

Our Clients

What Others Say About Us

Our Club works with Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., providing many levels of services which I could see as being helpful to any size Boys & Girls Club. They specialize in evaluating what our clubs need and how to get there. Janet and her staff have a real affinity for nonprofits, especially groups like Boys & Girls Club - and are very effective!
Pat Halberstadt, Chief Professional Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove
Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., does our accounting and bookkeeping on a daily basis, including budgeting, financial control and management, and complete financial accounting of MOMS’ numerous grants. ...members of our finance committee have highly recommended the company to other organizations that have now also employed their services.
Pamela Pimentel, RN, Maternal Outreach Management System (MOMS)
Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc. offers the financial management and oversight that cannot be obtained in house. They have a complete understanding of nonprofits and, in particular, Boys & Girls Clubs. Their services are what you need for your club to ensure financial soundness, compliance and accurate reporting.
Juana Lambert, Executive Director, Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club
We unraveled some challenging situations and brought forward an accounting, budgeting, and financial management system of which any organization would be proud. I would bring Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., on board in any non-profit, because of the years of experience with their consistent capability to provide high quality work.
Deborah Gauvreau, Former Executive Director, Agape International Spiritual Center, Former President, OPICA Adult Day Center
. . . The principals in the firm have very high standards, both from an ethical point of view, and for job performance, and there is never a hiatus in performing the bookkeeping, as there is when an in-house bookkeeper is absent. In the cases in which I have worked with the firm, the costs were far less than they would have been for a full time, in-house full charge bookkeeper. The services that Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., provide are of exceptional quality.
Bob Willard, Board Member, Leo Baeck Temple, California Clean Money Campaign, Past Treasurer, OPICA
Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., is a very competent firm that knows nonprofits “inside and out”. They are experts in the area of nonprofit accounting, their services are exemplary, and I would highly recommend them.
Mark McCallick, CPA, CGMA, MAC, McCallick Accounting & Consulting
We enjoy our working relationship with Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc. Their expertise, knowledge, and professionalism make them an indispensable asset to our Club.
Mark Surmanian, Chief Financial Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove
Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., has provided Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County the critically needed expertise, support and . . . patience . . . required to make the start up of this organization a success! Their knowledge of non-profit accounting and how to handle multiple grants has been critical to appropriate allocations despite very complicated grant agreement and audits. I am grateful for this support.
Sandra Bolton, Executive Director, Healthy Smiles for Kids of Orange County
As a member of this Community, Board of Trustees, and Finance Committee I have had the pleasure of learning from Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., and their years of hands-on experience in the accounting and finance arena. They provide us with their expertise, professionalism, excellent communication skills, and are a delight to work with. Our accounting data is clear, concise and accurate. They have trained several bookkeepers, worked with our CPA in preparation for a non-profit audit, and have a thorough understanding of state law and proper accounting practices.
Joan De Francesco, Board of Trustees and Finance Committee Member, Immaculate Heart Community
During our audit of a mutual client, Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., brought to our attention an alleged embezzlement of funds by a former employee. Embezzlements perpetrated by management-level employees are the most difficult to discover and may not be detected by an annual audit. Thus, in our opinion, Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., adds an extra level of review of the financial records.
J. David Foxman, CPA, Heller, Broida & Eisenberg Accountancy Corporation
I highly recommend Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc. They have been working with the Discalced Carmelite Province of California since 2008. At that time, our communities did not use the same chart of accounts, and most were not even computerized. But with Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc.’s help, we have made much progress and are now properly prepared for a formal audit, which will satisfy our fiduciary responsibility to our donors. I have been particularly impressed with their availability: they are always just an email away. If you retain the services of Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., you will not regret it.
Fr. James Zakowicz, O.C.D., M.B.A, Provincial Bursar, Discalced Carmelite Friars - Western Province of California
Once in a while, I come across an organization offering business services that I can highly recommend. Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc., is one of those organizations, and I continue to recommend them to my nonprofit clients in need of a new solution in meeting their financial and accounting needs. The positive reputation Janet Fohrman and her team enjoy has been earned through years of providing high-value services with nothing less than the highest levels of integrity and professionalism that this area demands. I have spoken with a number of Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc.’s clients and have direct experience working alongside them with clients we have in common. Thus, this recommendation comes only after personally validating the work they do. If you are a nonprofit in need of a fantastic accounting service, call Fohrman & Fohrman, Inc.!
Bob Karcher, Founder & President, Upshot Consultants


Referrals of Nonprofit Professionals:

Nonprofit Collaborative of Southern California
Janet Fohrman is the founder of the Nonprofit Collaborative of Southern California (NPCSC). It’s members consist of CPA, Marketing, Attorney, Insurance and other industry professionals that service nonprofit organizations.

Other Nonprofit Resources:

California Association of Nonprofits
The California Association of Nonprofits (CAN), a statewide membership organization of over 1,700 diverse nonprofits, is dedicated to protecting, strengthening, and promoting nonprofit organizations in our state.
GuideStar is the leader in providing comprehensive data on more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations, connecting them with donors, foundations, businesses, and governing agencies in a nationwide community of giving.
OneOC is the essential partner in improving the quality of life in Orange County through recruiting and placing volunteers, supporting nonprofit organizations to do their work well, and connecting people to information and resources that lead to effective community service delivery.
Attorney General of California – Charities
Information for California charities including registration information and forms. Also includes information on rules for holding raffles.
Online Compendium of Federal and State Regulations for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations
Great source of information for nonprofits.
Form 990 Public Disclosure Rules
This site exists to encourage nonprofit organizations to publish their IRS annual informational returns and application for tax-exempt status online as a means of promoting public accountability, as well as to satisfy federal law.
Annual Electronic Filing Requirement for Small Tax-Exempt Organizations
Labor Laws
California Franchise Tax Board

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